League of Legends

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This is a place where you can find League of Legends tournaments. The tournament platform has been designed to give European players the chance to participate in local tournaments. Rather than focusing on high-level competitive play (such as esports), it is intended for all skill levels as a casual and fun experience. We invite everyone to sign up and participate.


  1. What is the tournament format?

    1. The format of each tournament can be found by clicking on the tournament name. An expanded information section will give you details specific to that tournament.
  2. Where can i find the tournament rules?

    1. The tournament rules can be found here.
  3. What are the prizes for each tournament?

    1. The prizes for each tournament are based on the overall size of the tournament once the registration period has ended. You can see a breakdown of prizing in the tournament ruleset here.
  4. What are Circuit Points for?

    1. Circuit Points are used to track how well teams are performing over multiple tournaments.
  5. How are Circuit Points distributed?

    1. You can see the breakdown of the circuit points in the tournament ruleset here.
  6. How can i create my own team, or join a friends team?

    1. All details on how teams work is covered in the rules, which can be found here.
  7. Where can i get more information about the tournaments?

    1. We have compiled a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions which you can find here
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